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A collaborative work with Red Door Press letterpress shop and artist Mallory Abreu. Released as piece 3,4, and 5/5 in “Life Lines” print series.


FLYING / FALLING: This mantra reminds us that not letting fear control us is the key to achieving our wildest dreams.


SCULPTURE / SCULPTOR: This mantra reminds u that growth is often less about adding more to our lives, and more about carving away the inessentials to live honestly.


GROW / GLOW: This mantra reminds us that growth and courage come to us in both our happiest and darkest moments


These pieces were created using hand-set wood and metal type and printed on a Vandercook SP-15 proofing press. Each one was printed together with the author in our letterpress shop at Mainframe Studios.


Each print measures 5 x 7 and is printed on heavy cardstock and is editioned.


$25 individually or set of 3 for $60.

Life Lines - Mantra Series

SKU: 364215376135199

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